About us

Results-driven business innovation by changing the way people think and act

For 40 years, the Techno Management Research Institute (TMRI) has been helping manufacturing sites innovate their management practices by providing results-driven “practical consulting” services tailored to the manufacturing industry. Through our work, we guide businesses towards innovation by showing them how to change the way their people think and act using VPM ® (Value Producing Management) -- an original approach to management that focusses on activating human resources in order to spawn productivity increases and new value creation from the frontline of work. Business continue to learn how to apply VPM ® to solving problems not just on their production floors but also in each of their business processes from development and design to procurement, logistics and sales.

Consulting services tailored to
the manufacturing industry

  • Practical consulting services

    The underlying concept of our practical consulting services is to increase productivity and create new value by reshaping and motivating each and every individual who works on the frontline at the client’s manufacturing site via VPM ®.

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  • Open seminars

    TMRI organizes open seminars and internal workshops on the latest themes. We have a vast library of business knowledge to draw from for this purpose and have amassed an impressive track record of staged events and programs not only in Japan but overseas as well in places like East Asia and Southeast Asia.

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Support for global business development

From Japan to Asia and others parts of the world

TMRI is helping Japanese businesses with their overseas business sites and factories.